Updated Articles

  1. Alert Inbox Playbook Updated

    Overview Overview The plays and procedures in this playbook give you insight into how the DefenseStorm TRAC Team monitors your alerts. You can also perform these plays on any triggers created internally by your team.  *Please leave all TR...
  2. Alert Inbox Updated

    How to efficiently utilize the Alert Inbox and its options.
  3. Collecting Logs and Events from Windows Machines

    Explains how to obtain windows events from your windows machines to DefenseStorm.
  4. Assets

    How to import, merge, export, and manage assets.
  5. Two-Factor Authentication

    When creating new users after the install, it is recommended to enable 2FA on those accounts as well.
  6. Triggers

    How to create, modify, and search triggers.
  7. Create a New User

    Creating a new user in the web console is quick and easy.
  8. The DefenseStorm Virtual Machine

    Information on how to install, upgrade, and configure your DVM.
  9. Events

    How to search through Events efficiently, and create Incidents, Triggers, and Classifiers from the Events page.
  10. Reports

    Overview Creating a DefenseStorm Report To create a Report, the first step is to create a chart  to gather and display desired data. As soon as a new chart is created, it begins gathering applicable data from the previous 90 days. This ga...