Updated Articles

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

    When creating new users after the install, it is recommended to enable 2FA on those accounts as well.
  2. User Manual

  3. Reports

    DefenseStorm Reports  When creating a report within the DefenseStorm UI, there are 3 main steps:  Create a chart  Organize a template  Generate a report  By default the Reports homepage displays all generated reports....
  4. Advanced

  5. Collecting Logs and Events from Windows Machines

    Explains how to obtain windows events from your windows machines to DefenseStorm.
  6. DefenseStorm Markdown Language Quicksheet

    Using Markdown Language For Formatting DefenseStorm allows you to add markdown to Notes using a modified version of GitHub markdown language. This document describes commonly used markdown codes. For a full description of the syntax please refer to...
  7. Tickets

    The Tickets page is used to track Incidents , Tasks , and Task Schedules . Incidents track network activity that requires additional research and possible action. Incidents are either generated by the system, through Alerts, ThreatMatch, PatternS...
  8. Events

    How to search through Events efficiently, and create Incidents, Triggers, and Classifiers from the Events page.
  9. Alert Inbox

    How to efficiently utilize the Alert Inbox and its options.
  10. Triggers

    How to create, modify, and search triggers.