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Improve parsing of event data
Task Schedule Library
Standard Chart & Report Library
Active Compliance v2
Duo Security cloud security Integration
DefenseStorm Banking Policy Framework

Recently Completed

New chart type & Trigger page updatesRelease Notes
Trigger page updates       Release Notes       PDF
Multiple Query for Task Schedule        Release Notes       PDF
Compliance Page       Release Notes
Customizable DashboardsRelease Notes
DefenseStorm ReportsRelease NotesPDF
Select Event CSVRelease Notes PDF
 Bulk closing of Incident / TasksRelease Notes
FFIEC CAT Integration
DVM UpgradePDF


Recently Updated

Policy = ComplianceOct 29, 2018
Consolidated ReportsOct 29, 2018
Table chart type
Oct 29, 2018
YubiKey (2FA) SupportJuly 9, 2018
vCISO Service Offerings
June 20, 2018
Notification upon task creation from Schedule
June 15, 2018
Automatically add watcherApril 25, 2018
Task schedule notification customizationApril 25, 2018
Ingest system EventsApril 25, 2018
Add watchers when creating an incident. April 2, 2018
Task Schedules now has Owner column.April 2, 2018
Ticket close audit events now have a duration fieldApril 2, 2018
Quickly add notes to activity logMarch 07, 2018
Revoked tokens are no longer visible in the user interface.February 16, 2018
Asset Detection February 2, 2018
Trigger /  Policy linkJanuary 26, 2018
Windows Agent ParserJanuary 17, 2018