What is TRAC?

The DefenseStorm TRAC Team is our in-house cybersecurity experts that monitor and manage your network security 24x7x365 to identify and resolve millions of potential cyber threats. What makes TRAC so unique is that they become part of your team. They work with you and your existing personnel to increase your compliance and security standards. Since we all work together, there are several things we need from you to ensure the best possible monitoring experience. 

What do we need from you?

 To efficiently monitor and analyze your network, provide the following:

  • Asset List
  • Network diagrams
  • Technical security controls inventory (NAV, AV, etc.)
  • User List (phone & email)
  • Security Policies
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Third Party Vendor Management

Included Services

Included TRAC Services

  • Trigger development and maintenance. Any trigger you create requires a discussion with TRAC to discuss expectations before it is actively monitored. 
  • Classifier development and maintenance
  • Log analysis
  • Threat Match verification/analysis
  • Gap analysis for potential instrumentation sources to improve visibility
  • Incident Management
    • Analyze and fix open incidents
    • Assigning to customer when further action is necessary

Optional Add-On Services

  • Virtual CISO: leverage strategic expertise of a Chief Information Security Officer without investing in full-time staff.
  • Vulnerability Management: stay ahead of potential and emerging threats across both your virtual and physical assets and properties.

Unavailable Services

Unavailable Services

Our TRAC Team can only provide recommendations for network changes, not execution. The following services cannot be completed by our team:

  • Add blocks to your Firewall
  • Block traffic 
  • Management of any device or appliance 
  • Create user accounts


Service Level Agreements (SLA’S)

The timelines listed in the table below are the maximum response times for our TRAC Team to initiate triage.

Guardian Security Monitoring Services SLA - Triage

System Generated Actionable Item


Response Time

System Incidents


2 hours


12 hours


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