GRID Users

Within the Settings page in GRID, any user with DefenseStorm Administrative privileges can create, edit, or remove user access to the GRID.  To assist with permissions level housekeeping, and general user records, you can sort the user list using any of the following options - Status, 2FA Status, Full Name, or Role. For example, if you want to see each user granted Administrator access, sort by Role, as shown below. 

 The user roles are:

  • Administrator
  • Power User
  • User
  • Read-Only User

Creating a New User

To create a new user in the GRID you must have DefenseStorm Administrator privileges.

  1. Within the GRID, select Settings  (gear icon) from the bottom left.
  2. Click on the blue + icon from the upper right side of the screen.
  3.  Complete the user form with desired information and click Save. 
    1. After the user is created, they receive an email with simple instructions on how to complete setup.