Firewall Ports

Firewall Port Table

Table of both inbound and outbound network ports for the DVM and Windows Agent.  

Port / Protocol
DVMOutbound80 / TCP;  HTTPOS Updates (Ubuntu)
123  / TCP, UDP
NTP to NIST Time Server Pool unless configured for an internal NTP Server
443 / TCP
HTTPS to GRID (AWS)  and OS Updates (Ubuntu)
Inbound22 / TCPSSH to DVM if Admin access via SSH is enabled
514 / TCP, UDPSyslog RFC5424
516 / TCP, UDPSyslog RFC3164
601/TCPCustom NXLog configurations (Configuration provided by DefenseStorm)
1514 / TCP, UDPSyslog RFC5424
1516 / UDP, TCPSyslog RFC3164
1601 / TCPSyslog RFC5424
1602 / TCPEvents From Windows Agent
Windows Agent Outbound443 / TCPHTTPS to GRID for Authentication, Software Updates, Event Flow (Direct to Cloud or Fallback from DVM)
1602 / TCPEvents To DVM (Direct to DVM or Fallback)