10.29.18: Charts and Policy

This release includes updates to Chart functionality and the Policy page to increase ease of use and overall flow of the Compliance and Reporting process. 


For additional information on charts, templates, and reports, see our Reports article. The following features can be utilized when creating charts for templates or dashboards. 

  • Option to utilize a 'table' chart type 
  • Clicking a dashboard chart takes you to the query for event information

Policy Page

The following updates increase the simplicity of complying with internal and government guidelines and enhance usability by consolidating all reports onto one page. For more information on running reports, both on-demand and scheduled, see our Reports article.  

  • Policy page is now called Compliance
  • Removed scheduled reports from Policy
  • On-demand reports were moved to the Reports page

Watch the video below for a quick run through on the great new updates!

Release Video

What do I need to do?

No action is required to benefit from these updates. However,  its always a good idea to visit the Downloads page to make sure your  DVM and Windows Agent are up to date.